Passing By

This cloudy morning makes the Ocean
a green that is almost gray
It reflects the sadness that we feel today

For on this 7th of July, millions will morn and sigh
At the life of the King of Pop, Michael we say thank you and goodbye,
to an amazing individual so talented and too young to die

I look out at the Ocean, my view today at 9am , when the rest of the world
watches the procession from Forest Lawn,
the breaking HEARTS of his family and friends
have began since early dawn

The timing is ironic as I see a lonely black seal slowly PASSING BY
swimming, searching, alone,
does this lonely black seal cry?

He comes up for air in order to breathe,
the waves crash on him, pressure from everywhere

Look at this beautiful creature made from God above,
And yet, I see him searching, constantly from left to right,
all around him checking, watching who is watching him
His search continues, as he comes up for air for life,
searching possibly for his children or his wife?

Into deeper water this lonely seal will go
to get away from the pressure of the waves that strike him so
Into dangers way with the predators below

But when one is so lonely, he will stop at nothing
no matter how far he must go

So beatiful to watch, for those who can get a glimpse
many stop and stare
to see him sparkle in real life, it is quite rare

So sleak and almost mystical
this gifted precious life
who in the blink of an eye
will forever disappear from our sight.

Dedicated to Michael Jackson
Not only the king of pop, but a man who changed the way we treat eachother!
A true member of The Parking Lot Heart!

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Life can be as rough as the sand
with the sharpness of glass
we try each day to make it
and as the tide changes the appearance of sand
its pressure pounding deep
darkness ensues as the weight bares down

But slowly the tide pulls away
the weight lifts
the color of sand begins to lighten
and the warmth of the sun dries
and the sand although rough
is no longer heavy and blows wistfully
in the calm wind, light as a feather

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The Parking Lot Heart- Children’s Picture Book

The Parking Lot Heart children’s book


It is a wonderful book, written in poetry that children will understand.

If you are looking for a book to share with you children with a message that is dedicated to the education with the common belief that it is possible to make room in your heart for everyone….it is a choice…all you have to do is say Yes!

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The Parking Lot Heart Is Alive

ALIVE, that is what the heart is
With each precious beat
And it grows each day
With each person you meet
From family to friends
The growing spaces never ends
And a space for all that you love
from your favorite song, pet, sport, food, flower, or dove
Can you hear the knocking, won’t you let them come in?
Only you can open it, with a frown or a grin
Let your heart expand, one at a time,
Love one another as I have loved you,
Let is happen as he as told you to

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Baby Waves

Life starts, and grows, no bigger than the size of a pea,
Growing inside, ever peacefully
Floating, weightless as time goes by

And what is this miracle that has come us
One day knowing that you are so special
We will all make a fuss

Your tiny hands, so precious to touch
and imprint of your feet on the sand that is wet
Holding you close, as I wanted you so much
Never forgetting the day our eyes first met

Watching you grow, each day is new
and the special day that you tell me you love me too
I will hold tight and we walk up the beach
As you listen closely as I share everything I can teach
Knowing that one day you will ride the waves on your own
keep in mind, I will always be just within reach

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Looking at the waves of life
Oh how they ebb and flow
As time goes by and we
reap what we sow

And your head drops and looks at the sand
and you realize that you are only one
in the millions that God can hold in his hand

And then the problems you have only seem so small
as the massive wave crashes and when you feel like you’ve
hit a brick wall

But then MIST so fresh and light
refreshes and wakes you
You stand tall and brush off the sand
and know that life is what you make it
It’s no longer time to just sit…..

Get up and go….

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Reach, Grasp, Achieve….

Reaching high, Oh to touch the sky…
Limits set, only to reach above

Don’t get discourged
It is within your grasp,

Once you have it, don’t let go
However difficult it may seem
don’t lose sight of your precious dream

Going through the trials, up and down
each mountain range, facing obsticles
as you bob and weeve.
Don’t blink, you’ll miss the moment you’ve
worked so hard to achieve

Now look back at what you’ve done
Your standing tall in the light of the sun!
and breathe…..

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Of all superheros, their grandma was the strongest

Dylan and Justin Robinson at the 10th annual Ovarian Cancer Coalition Run/Walk on Sept. 14 at CBS Studios in Studio City. Stood in the battle stance!
Contributed by: Yvette Pappalardo and Michelle Pappalardo-Robinson 9/16/08

At the the 10th annual Ovarian Cancer Coalition Run/Walk on Sept. 14, Burbank residents Dylan Robinson, 3,and his big brother Justin Robinson, 6, were ready to walk, run and fight in the memory of their grandmother, who passed away three years ago after battling ovarian cancer for seven years.

Dylan attends Horacemann childcare, while Justin is a first-grader at St. Frances Xavier School. Dylan was only five months old at the time, but looks at pictures of him and his grandmother, who fought to stay alive to see him born.

Of all the superheros they have read about in story books, their grandma, Gladys Pappalardo, was the strongest superhero of them all.

Their mother, Michelle Robinson, and her sister, Yvette Pappalardo, have created a nonprofit organization called The Parking Lot Heart Corp., in honor of their mother, teaching, among other things, that although you may have lost someone, there is always a space in your heart wherethey will be parked forever.

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The Tale of Two, Who are You.

It is you, my one of two, who I see life with and spend with too
I don’t know who I will get to be with each day, the Gemini I love
that has fun and likes to play,
Or will it be the one, so serious in thought,
analizying the world, and focusing on that what is what
Your eyes of green make me serene,
Your humerous flare, and that deep intellegent stare,
What tale shall we create, Who will I have to spend time with today,
What will you be up to in your sly little way,
A tale at the end of the day is what it will be, but told from who
is totally up to you.

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Refreshing Waves©

Close your eyes and hear the crackle of the ocean water sinking into the sand,
Feel the warmth of the sun as it’s rays touch you with a gentle hand
Smell the clean air, the slight breeze against your face
Take a deep breath and forget about life’s fast pace
Each wave is different, unique all its own
Find the peace within you, release what makes you grown,
Each day is a new and fresh, it is a brand new day
Now look out among the refreshing waves and begin to pray

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