Jul 19 2014

Graduation Day

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The sounds of laughter,
Eyes with tears,
How they are facing their last fear

A moment in time,
Every effort complete,
Now on to their next feat
A bright future,
Their on the way,
They will never forget this special day

It means so much to each and all,
The rise to completion,
Beyond their every imagination…

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Aug 18 2010


The fresh breeze blows your soft blond hair
as I look I see you lift your tiny nose and smell the air
We eyes of blue/green make me calm and sereen

So carefully you take each step looking for the special shell
Wobbly on the uneven sand, oops you fell

Up you go and brush off the sand, and reach and grab for my hand
off we go chasing birds that are in flight
being with you feels so right

Again the wind blows and you look up in the air
do you see something, is someone there?
To the clouds we look and make up what they are
you ask “are they really that far”
Your tiny hand reaches high
a gull goes by and you say “I wish I could fly”

The breeze gets colder as the sun starts to set
You look to the sky and say is it time to go in yet?

We sit close together as we say “nighty night to the sun”
and the day is done
I say “Tomorrow is another day I hope to spend with you”
you lean in close and say “Me too!”

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Aug 18 2010

Days of Summer

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The end of August approaches
another summer past
the rays are dimming
as school days come so fast

This summer was amazing with water of every hue
Waking up in the morning to a sky a numerous blues

From the sand on the river’s edge to a warm summer beach
We went on each adventure keeping fun within arms reach

The children learn to swim and splash with delight
Marshmellows always taste best when done at moonlight

The fishing, swimming and snorkling add memories in our minds
and those are the days of summer that we will reflect on when we think of good times to find

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Apr 25 2010

Remembering Carlsbad and Aunt Carmen

I take a deep breath, of the clean fresh air,
Waves crash, seagulls sing, holding back the tears, trying not to show how much I care,
but saying goodbye to you is a very hard thing to do,
I will miss the times we spoke and the very special Aunt that was you

As I drive past Carlsbad, and towards Cardiff by the Sea,
I recall sitting on the beach with you as we shared information about you and me,
we watched your grandchildren play with what was now your grandnephew,
tiny footprints in the sand, as they played holding eachothers hands

You shared the same birthday as my son, and I will always remember March 27th as a very special day indeed.

I will never forget how much you meant to us, in our hour of need. My Mom was your sister and I treasured speaking with you so much when I lost her, and the love and support you gave us that made us strong. Strength and wonderful, that is what you were,
I will forever appreciate how much you helped me with the loss of her.
I can only imagine what it must be like to be together once again. Hopefully talkng about your grandchildren, they were both of your pride and joy.

So thank you Aunt Carmen for all that you were, and all that you’ve done,
I will always remember when I am at the beach watching the rising and setting of the sun.

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Jan 20 2010

Winter gray

The morning clouds come racing in
large in size with their wide grins
but full of rain, thunder and streaks of light
the booming sounds that keep you up all night
And how can it be what was once a peaceful place
Now has people packing at an amazing race
Where will they go, to get away from the pounding
that during the summer would be so soothing and light sounding
For winter is here, the gray is all around
I do not hear the sea gulls chirping or making their repeatitive
calling sound
Waiting for sunlight, the warmth that I once knew
but I must wait until the coming of June gloom.

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Dec 29 2009

Sand in the hour glass

Time passes, however fast or slow it may be
And there I stand, wishing I could be closer to the sea
but today it cannot be, for whatever reason it seems
For now I hear the waves only in my dreams

The year is drawing to a close, and I am happy to see it go
There are so many things that have happened, I would have
never imagined them to be so

But a new year approaches, quickly, only days away,
and with that time, I plan to only play!

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Oct 09 2009

Pressure on the Sand

The sun beats down on the coarse sand
and makes each step feel like walking on glass.
Gently I walk by your side trying to avoid
the sharpness of your words
as they dig deep into my heart
like each grain of hot sand into my feet.
Surrounded by beauty
as I look deep into your sea green eyes
looking for the serenity I once knew.
Our talks rise and fall just like the waves
that swell from small to big.
Our discussions turn into debates,
who is right, who is wrong?
My eyes close tightly,
Is it the glare of the sun?
We walk side by side
year after year,
the pressure of our steps leave a print in the sand.
The weight of daily life sinks further with each step.
And yet I reach and you reach back to hold my hand.
No matter the pressure of intensity of the day,
the waves come and wash it away, leaving a brand new
fresh path each morning to walk and create.

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Oct 09 2009

Spirit Within

The spirit within, longs to be free,
no holding back, flying gleefully.

But time only tells when this can be,
for some it is only
when their ashes are
spread across the sea.

For the spirit within, is with you each day,
one must remember this,
it’s not just there when you pray.
Michelle Marie Robinson
Copyright ©2007 Michelle Marie Robinson

Published in Immortal Verses Poetry Book

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Oct 01 2009

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Sep 01 2009

It doesn’t get easier, just different

Time passes, slowly for some
and for others, a blink and its done
Losing you was the hardest thing
and yet I mourn and wish I could
hear you sing
I look at the sky and wonder where you are
close or very far
the waves crash and I return
to the place I sit and wonder, and my eyes burn
from the tears that roll down my face
you were so different, you fought with amazing grace
I take a deep breath knowing I have to let go
August, makes 4 years, should it be easier to do so?
Looking at those around me, yes they have moved on
others in their lives, to ease the pain
my tears still roll down like rain
Yes it was time, you had to go
Your body couldn’t continue the fight
Know I will love you each day and night
I hope your soul took flight like the seagulls
soaring in the sky
Their beautifully white, like ANGELS
Yes now I see why
God needed another ANGEL, that’s why it was done
to warm us, like the bright warm sun
As the time passes, it does not get easier without you here
It just gets different, each day you are gone
But you will always be my Mom, the one without fear.

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