The fresh breeze blows your soft blond hair
as I look I see you lift your tiny nose and smell the air
We eyes of blue/green make me calm and sereen

So carefully you take each step looking for the special shell
Wobbly on the uneven sand, oops you fell

Up you go and brush off the sand, and reach and grab for my hand
off we go chasing birds that are in flight
being with you feels so right

Again the wind blows and you look up in the air
do you see something, is someone there?
To the clouds we look and make up what they are
you ask “are they really that far”
Your tiny hand reaches high
a gull goes by and you say “I wish I could fly”

The breeze gets colder as the sun starts to set
You look to the sky and say is it time to go in yet?

We sit close together as we say “nighty night to the sun”
and the day is done
I say “Tomorrow is another day I hope to spend with you”
you lean in close and say “Me too!”

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