Pressure on the Sand

The sun beats down on the coarse sand
and makes each step feel like walking on glass.
Gently I walk by your side trying to avoid
the sharpness of your words
as they dig deep into my heart
like each grain of hot sand into my feet.
Surrounded by beauty
as I look deep into your sea green eyes
looking for the serenity I once knew.
Our talks rise and fall just like the waves
that swell from small to big.
Our discussions turn into debates,
who is right, who is wrong?
My eyes close tightly,
Is it the glare of the sun?
We walk side by side
year after year,
the pressure of our steps leave a print in the sand.
The weight of daily life sinks further with each step.
And yet I reach and you reach back to hold my hand.
No matter the pressure of intensity of the day,
the waves come and wash it away, leaving a brand new
fresh path each morning to walk and create.

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