It doesn’t get easier, just different

Time passes, slowly for some
and for others, a blink and its done
Losing you was the hardest thing
and yet I mourn and wish I could
hear you sing
I look at the sky and wonder where you are
close or very far
the waves crash and I return
to the place I sit and wonder, and my eyes burn
from the tears that roll down my face
you were so different, you fought with amazing grace
I take a deep breath knowing I have to let go
August, makes 4 years, should it be easier to do so?
Looking at those around me, yes they have moved on
others in their lives, to ease the pain
my tears still roll down like rain
Yes it was time, you had to go
Your body couldn’t continue the fight
Know I will love you each day and night
I hope your soul took flight like the seagulls
soaring in the sky
Their beautifully white, like ANGELS
Yes now I see why
God needed another ANGEL, that’s why it was done
to warm us, like the bright warm sun
As the time passes, it does not get easier without you here
It just gets different, each day you are gone
But you will always be my Mom, the one without fear.

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